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Social Media Meowtivation

I have been using Facebook and Instagram more regularly now and will be offering special promotions via these accounts. Please follow me on Instagram: you will enjoy seeing client's pets, my pets and random wildlife encounters.

Check out my two new Instagram pages: Sonny's legendary tails of the See's and RickyWobbles. Here you will find stories of animals that have crossed my path or walked alongside me. My very own maine coon, Sonny Logan Fluffbottom and my newest rescue, a ch kitten, Ricky Wobbles, narrate these pages: followers will read of successful rescues and rescue attempts gone awry, inspiring special needs cats, everyday antics of a multiple cat household, interspecies friendships, the human-animal bond, natural remedies, husbandry hacks, product recommendations, life lessons and spiritual growth. These pages will act as creative launchpads for my upcoming children's books.

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