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2021 Therapeutic Services

I began offering Photopuncture and PEMF therapy this summer.  I have seen amazing results using light therapy in dogs with arthritis and diabetic neuropathy.  I have also witnessed improvements using light therapy and pemf in the health of cats with metabolic issues, specifically kidney and liver disease.  Currently, I am working with pemf mats and small pads.  I hope to purchase a portable PEMF unit next year. 

I will complete my  Reiki certification in Autumn 2021. Unfortunately,   I had to reschedule as my instructor passed in early 2020.  

A complete list of services and pricing will be available once my training is complete.

Ricky's Story & Fundraiser

I am running a fundraiser for my most recent rescue, a ch kitten named Ricky Wobbles and have an active Amazon wishlist for supplies. Please click on "fundraiser" to make a donation or "Amazon wishlist" to purchase one of the items frequently needed to care for these rescues. 

Meet Ricky (named after Ricky Martin for his song, "Shake your Bonbon") 

Ricky has cerebellar hypoplasia.  He was born to a feral black kitty in a small managed colony in Orange County, NY.  This colony happens to be managed by my brother and his neighbors.  This female and one male are the only two intact cats in the colony.  Apparently, they have eluded trapping on several occasions.

Ricky caught my brother's attention once he began venturing out from his family's safe place. It was Ricky's unsteady gait, frequent stumbles and bobble head movements that sounded the alarms. 

I headed up to evaluate and catch Ricky on November 5th.  It was a challenging rescue but I managed with the help of my sister-in-law.

After a few flea baths, intestinal parasite treatments, good food, a warm place to sleep and lots of love, Ricky has blossomed despite his developmental delays, mobility challenges and battle with an upper respiratory infection.  

He is like every other fearless and silly kitten. Albeit, he crashes and falls more than most but he is a ch inspiration like my ch kitties (Beebop, Tumblina, Dizzy & Roary Roo) before him.  Nothing is going to keep this little man down!

Revel in Ricky's triumphs by clicking here.

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