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Dedication & love to animals

I find your dedication and love to animals heart warming. and I wish we had more humans like you treating our defenseless animals with love and respect which they're so deserving of.

I feel very fortunate to have you care for my cat and feel very much at ease when I'm not home to be with her myself.

Thanks Kerry and God bless you.

The Bomb!!!

What a wonderful opportunity to have experienced a pet sitter for my fabulous Simba.  You are the BOMB!!!

Daisy gives belly

I am...comfortable...knowing that you are caring for my Alice & Daisy!  I'm so glad...Daisy gives you belly! She does that for very few people!

Laura M.

Baby P

"Thanks so much for taking care of Max (and us)!! He’s a much happier dog because of you!!"
Chris, Susan, Max and Baby P

We are lucky to know you…“

I just wanted to thank you for the extra care and attention you give Roscoe. It is very much appreciated. We are lucky to know you…You are ideally suited for what you do for a living!! And it takes a special kind of person.” 
Linda F. and Roscoe

He appreciated it, as did we!

“Thank you again for the care you gave to Tux. I know He appreciated it, as did we!”
The Beckers

Comfort and peace of mind provided...

"Thank you for all the care, love and attention that you gave to Patches and Max this year and for the comfort and peace of mind you gave to us on our vacation.” M/M Moretti

“You are truly the best!!!

“You are truly the best!!! It’s a wonderful feeling to know my boys are in such good hands while I go off to play!!!” Sue S.

You are an essential reason why our household runs day to day.

“What a joy it is to have you as our dog walker/sitter.  Not only do you do your job wonderfully, you are simply a delightful person to see each day.  .  We can’t thank you enough for all you do…” 
Susan M.

Among my blessings

"Thank you again for caring for my cats. You are counted as one of my blessings!  Having you watch my gang gives me peace of mind..."

Anne, Val, Skit and Sam

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