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Kerry's handmade products, like her pet care services, were born of her love for animals.  What started out as part of her grieving process grew into a tradition of honoring those who's lives left indelible memories that will last throughout her lifetime.  Her first memorial collage was dedicated to her first pet, Pyewacket.  It was comprised of two frames spanning  nineteen years.  She continued to create collages for every pet who passed, regardless of how short the years spent together.  Collages were later created for friends when they lost their pets. 

Kerry created her Reiki charged hemp and gemstone collars when Spike, her cat of nine years, needed just a little more than a daily Reiki treatment, various remedies and numerous prescriptions.  Spike wore his collar proudly and truly benefited from it's Reiki and gemstone healing properties.  He received many compliments and inquiries of where to get a collar like his.  Kerry, inspired by the positive response, started to make collars for friends pets who needed that little something more.

Custom cat collars and personalized memorial collages

The collars are hand braided hemp with gemstones weaved into the braiding.  Gemstones are selected according to your pet's specific health needs.  Every collar is charged with Reiki.

The memorial collages are made-to-order.  Customers may submit up to ten photos and brief bios of their pet, including quirks and nicknames.  Frames are selected based on the number of photos submitted.  Collages are created respectfully and lovingly.  Proceeds from these sales will go toward the soon to be non-profit rescue organization.
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