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Venus gets one last miracle

Kerry See - Sunday, June 18, 2017



Last September, I received very unexpected news:  Venus was diagnosed, yet again, with cancer.  This would be the 4th time in the 6 years since her rescue she would take on another battle.  Only this time, this battle would be her last.  

I was told I had 6 months left with Venus.  The liver was already quite infiltrated.  My vet knows me well enough to know I would do everything in my power to treat Venus holistically and conventionally so that whatever time we have left together is quality time.  

Venus did well up until March of this year.  Her appetite started to wane.  In addition to the holistic remedies, we introduced steroids and anti-emetics. After a few weeks, we introduced a pain medication.  It was looking like Venus was preparing to join her friends in kitty heaven late April.  She had stopped eating and had become very weak.  I thought I would let the decision be hers.  When she was ready she would let me know and I prayed I would be there for her.

I received a text message on April 25th:  a friend was looking for someone to bottle feed two 2 week old kittens.  I hesitated but something told me this was fated.  I had just lost my two boys, Stevie Ray and Beebop; Venus was always Mama V.  It just seemed to be a "God wink"!

So, two little ones came home with me on April 26th.  Within a day or two all three, Mama V, Aurora and Leia were inseparable.  They have given Venus a will to fight again; she has given them the comfort of a mama.  I am still syringe feeding Venus and giving her lots of medication but I can see she is peaceful and content now.  For whatever time Venus has left is filled with pure and true love.

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