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Kerry See - Friday, April 27, 2012
This type of service, designed for vacations and business trips, has a beginning and an end date. Your options are: Once daily visits – minimum number of daily visits for cats, birds, fish, hamsters and other small caged pets are visited at approximately the same time each day. Twice daily visits – twice daily visits minimum number of daily visits for dogs and available for all pets. Visits take place approximately 12 hours apart ~ between 8-11 am and 5-9 pm. 3-4 visits daily – 20 minute visits available by request for pets with special needs. In addition to the daily pet care, this plan includes the ‘extras’: pick up mail and newspapers, water plants or garden, daily clean up (scoop yard /litter box), cage cleaning, lights and TV/radio turned off in the morning and on at night (twice daily visits), fill outside bird feeders, set out trash on collection day, etc.

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