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Tumblina's poem

Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Discovered in a park with your brother,

You evaded ‘rescue’ like no other.

Once you arrived at the hospital,

I knew you were someone very special.


You were so tiny and unsteady.

My heart opened when you looked up at me.

I knew right there: you were my Tumbie girl!

I didn’t know how you would change my world.

Cerebellar hypoplasia?  What is that?

An abnormally developed brain.  Poor little cat.


Although walking was challenging,

You always took your time.

You embraced life:

You enjoyed playing

You accepted Beebop constantly at your side.

You were quite the flirt with the boys.

Receiving belly rubs was one of your joys.

Sometimes, you preferred to be alone.

So I nicknamed you, Greta Garbo.


I’d sing to you, “Tumblina dance,

Tumblina sing…”

I wanted you to have that chance

My tiny little thing.


I don’t know why to this very day,

You quietly slipped away.

I recall our last car ride

And how you smiled in the sun.

Your sparkling green eyes were wide

And like always, you were sticking out your tongue.


I’ve imagined you in spirit

Dancing on those dainty paws.

I’ve imagined you in spirit

Singing in your sweet voice.

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