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Tumblina's memorial

Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012
I am finally coming to terms with the recent unexpected loss of one of my kitties. Tumblina passed away on February 29th, 2008. She was probably the most gentle, patient and dainty little kitty I have been blessed knowing.[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"] Tumblina was found in a Bronx park at 4 weeks of age. She was rescued from a group of children who were ‘playing’ with her. She was brought to the hospital where I was working at the time for evaluation. Like her brother, Bee Bop, found three weeks earlier, Tumbie was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. This disorder is caused when the mother is exposed to the panleukopenia virus (distemper) while pregnant. Both kittens were unable to walk upright. Tumbie always took her time and was better coping with her disability than her brother. BeeBop was always in a hurry… Tumbie enjoyed playing with feather toys; loved catnip and belly rubs and revelled in the affections of the men in her life. Yes, she was a flirt. She was a mothering kitty: she let kittens, including Spike and Roary, sleep in bed with her. She even let ferrets cuddle up! She groomed BeeBop; tolerated his complaints; and suffered through his ‘landings’ and inappropriate bed arrangements. She was patient with me. She followed me gently requesting to be fed. She would look up at me and gently meow from her bed, to say hello or make me take a moment to stop working at the computer and get down in her bed to share some love. All of her housemates loved her. They often shared space with her and even played with her. They understood her disability and played to her capacity. I, my family and her housemates miss her terribly. She was a very special soul. She quietly dealt with her illness, probably days before we knew she was sick. She looked at me one day as if to say, “I just can’t eat but I’ll try for you”. That was a Wednesday night. Thursday we went to the hospital. She enjoyed that car ride over the bridge. She commented often. Her eyes were bright, her tongue was sticking out slightly, as it often did and she was smiling. Friday night she called to me; she passed with my arms around her and Joe’s arms around me. My little angel returned home. I believe she visits us; I feel her close. She knows her brother will always need her. Until I see her again, I hope she is running and jumping over that rainbow bridge. I hope she is chasing butterflies.

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