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Tucker's liver values return to normal

Kerry See - Friday, December 13, 2019
This is my Tucker or Tuckie doos.  My cousin found him late one evening nearly 15 years ago outside of a gas station.  Of course, I ran up to the gas station to rescue him.  The attendant said a van opened their door and tossed him out.  He was the most challenging cat to live with for most of his adult life.  Being an Egyptian Mau, I half expected the high prey drive and superior intelligence.  These are not cats for the average cat owner that's for sure.  About 2 years ago, I started supplementing him to support his liver.  Although tests were not indicating liver disease, my instinct told me otherwise.  About a year ago, my instinct was confirmed by lab results.  Tuck turned sweet 16 in June.  He was such a good friend to Spikealicious (rip), Stevie Ray (rip), Beebop (rip) and Venus (rip); he gave poor JoeJoe (rip) hell; tried to get close to Dizzy (rip) but has always loved his Roary Roo. Now, he cuddles with kittens and lets my ferret, D'artagnan,  run free without worries.  I treasure each day with this big handsome guy.  Tuckie thanks you for all of your prayers!  Believe in the power of prayer!  Tucker visited his vet in September to have his liver values rechecked.  The lab and his vet were astonished!  His liver values were completely normal!!  His ALT went from 1373 to 56!  I am continuing his
supplements regardless. 

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