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Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012
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My Spikey passed on February 5, 2010 at 2 in the morning. It was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. There were moments during his transition; I wished it was me and not him going through it. I wanted to help him but knew I needed to let him go. I prayed that once He transitioned, He would have no physical memory of the last moments of his life. I read recently that the soul exits the body before death occurs. I believe this protects the soul from experiencing the pain of those final moments. I am truly grateful for having read this. This is part of what lets me go on even though I recall those last few hours with great difficulty. I miss Spikeadoo every day.

Knowing that Spike transitioned and believing He will return to me when He is healed are the other aspects that help me go on. I hold on to the fact that He will return to me. I believe souls, whether human or animal travel in the same circles. I believe Spike was my Pyewacket. Each incarnation approached veterinary hospitals with marked differences but I believe that was one of this sweet soul’s lessons in this life. As Pyewacket, He had negative experiences with Vets. He learned not to trust them and had difficulty trusting others. He loved his family and protected us and his home. Only we knew the sweet soul inside. Spike, on the other hand, came into this world having to depend on Vets and humans for his survival. He loved his Cardiologists and cardio techs; He loved his family, human and animal, and protected us with his silent hiss. It was a running joke; however, we never believed there was any true conviction in ’scary Spike’. All who met Spike knew the sweet soul inside. He touched so many hearts in his seven plus years here. Stevie, his best friend, and I were with him when he passed. The rest of his family was close by: Joe, Tucker, Roo, Dizzy, BeeBop and the ferrets, Pinot and Dori. I know everyone misses him. He was such a presence in this house. He had a way of getting in your heart and really taking hold of it. By no means was this something you would accept begrudgingly. When Spike loved you, He loved you! He loved with His whole being. He worked his magic on everyone He met. It worked to his advantage and mine at times: every emergency vet or technician He met was under his spell in no time at all. He received extra t.l.c. and extraordinary care. I was comforted in knowing those caring for Him knew He was special. Spike faced many health challenges over the years: He faced them head-on and brushed them off one by one, knowing there was something greater in life to live for. He was such a brave soul. He made me brave. We were in it together right from the start. I can clearly remember the first time we laid on eyes on each other. He was in a carrier with his four siblings: they were cowering behind him. He was right up front silently hissing and bouncing on those teeny little paws. I just laughed, thinking to myself, “Look at this little 3 week old kitten protecting his siblings. How brave. How adorable!” I wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight until that moment. Spike was one of a litter of five: three girls and two boys. He was the runt and the outcast. He really wanted little to do with his siblings when I was around. I would let them out to play together and He would come right up to my feet, stare at me with those lovey eyes and MEW! This was the beginning of something very special. I nicknamed him, Velcro monkey. I couldn’t keep him in a crate. I could put all his siblings away but Spike wasn’t having it. He wanted to be with me at all times, riding upon my left shoulder. I raised his litter until they were old enough to find homes. Spike was supposed to move to Virginia the week following Memorial Day. The litter was home with me that holiday weekend. They were all sleeping on my chest. One by one I put them to bed, leaving Spike last for some extra snuggles. That’s when I heard his heartbeat. That’s when I knew He wasn’t going to go to Virginia. Spike was meant to be my kitty. He was trying to tell me that all along. He knew I would only take him home if He had some medical need. At this point, I already had three special needs kitties at home. I wasn’t planning on anymore kitties, period. That following week Spike was diagnosed with a v.s.d. The Vets told me, “… not to get attached to this one; He won’t live to see his first birthday.” Too late, Docs. More importantly, Spike celebrated seven birthdays! If it weren’t for my stubborn nature, i.e., my inherent need not to take ‘no’ for an answer and my questioning authority, Spikey and I would not have had the wonderful life we had together. I know these personality traits usually manifest in negative outcomes but in this case, the outcome was quite the opposite. The true wonders of life were revealed to me. One little tuxedo cat changed my life! Spikealicious taught me how to live and what to live for. All without speaking a word.

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