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Spike confirms Tumblina's passing over Rainbow Bridge

Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012
My cat, Spike, has been sitting atop my printer for the past few weeks, since Tumbie’s passing. This is a new spot but not something extraordinary, right? So I thought until tonight. When he sits on the printer he stares intently at a Gary Patterson print I have called “Family Tree”. The print is of a tree filled with various comical depictions of cats. Tonight he put his face right up against the print. So, I like most kitty moms, ask him what is he looking at. He continues to stare. I then spontaneously say, ‘is Tumbie sending you a message?’ He instantly turns around jumps off the printer to join his brother, Stevie, in my lap. Once in my lap, I look up at the print again and there, where he had pressed his nose, is a depiction of a kitty who looks a lot like my Tumbie leaping in the air chasing a butterfly! I started crying b/c when I wrote my blog the other day, I wrote I hope she’s chasing butterflies, something she could never do in life. So my little girl is here and wanted to let me know that.

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