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Roary needs your purrayers

Kerry See - Friday, December 13, 2019
This is my wee Roary Roo aka the kookaroo.  Roary was found in a truck's tire well hiding from the continuous attack of a cat bird.  I raced to the scene and grabbed the underweight kitten.  Boy, what he lacked in size, he made up for in his roar!  That was the loudest meOW I have ever heard from Roo ever!  He came to live with me and our much smaller crew in 2007.  Roo never grew to be a robust male cat.  He has always been kitten sized.  When he was three, he developed grand mal seizures.  We attributed them to a very mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia.  The only other symptom he ever exhibited was his funny gait.  I even nicknamed him RooRoo Funnywalker. Last December I decided to wean him off sedatives while introducing cbd oil. He had breakthrough seizures on the sedatives; on the cbd oil, not only was he seizure free, he was back to the kookaroo I know and love.  He was running around the apartment again singing his signature "hoo hoo"; bouncing off the walls and galloping around like a nut!  In late August, he started sneezing.  The vet treated him for a sinus infection since two types of bacteria were present.  Over the course of a month, the infection went away as the smell dissipated but the swelling remained.  Xrays only showed a change in porosity under his right eye.  Did he have a stroke?  Is this a virulent bone infection or something worse?  On the upside, Roo is still eating.  He only eats Smalls semi raw food but he eats up to three times a day!  He takes his supplements and his immune boosting smoothie like a champ.  He seems to enjoy sleeping on his pemf mat and receiving his photopuncture treatments. Funny thing is, Roo never purred until recently.  It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!  Please say a purrayer for my little Kooka Roo.  Namaste.

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