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Remembering Beebop

Kerry See - Monday, June 26, 2017
Losing my Stevie Ray in January was quite a shock to me and my family. Stevie's housemates were lost without their king. After a few weeks, all seemed as though they were managing without him, figuring out their place in the new hierarchy when once again, the unexpected happened: BeeBop suffered a major stroke. He had had three strokes prior, the first being after his sister, Tumblina, passed in 2008. This was different. My energizer kitty, the kitty who kept going and going was just not bouncing back. He had stopped eating dry food shortly after Stevie passed and had been eating only morsels. His appetite was very inconsistent for a week. In fact, his whole routine was inconsistent. I knew my Beeper nutter was preparing to meet his friends and his sister across rainbow bridge.

Wednesday, I brought Beebop to work with me. We pulled a marathon day. Although, Beebop had stopped eating that morning, I packed food, water and anything he may need for the day. I'm not sure if he enjoyed the sights but I know in my heart, we both enjoyed those hours together. I rarely took my hand off him: he enjoyed lots of pets and kisses that day. After a sleepless night, my Beebop called to me very much the way his sister had. His trademark "mahwah" meow was a subtle "mow". We left for work Thursday morning knowing we had hours together. Beebop passed peacefully a few minutes after noon on Thursday February 23rd, with his head resting on my arm and his paw holding my hand.

Beebop was a remarkable kitty. He and his sister were born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease developed in utero when their mother was exposed to feline distemper. They were brought in to a hospital I was working in a couple of days apart because the woman who rescued them couldn't catch Tumblina! Both kittens were being abused by a group of teens in a Bronx park. I took one look at these two kittens and fell instantly in love!

C.h. didn't stop either of these two wonder kitties from living their lives. They lived; they loved; they played; they bickered with each other; they managed their disability with dignity and a little help from mommy and their human and fur family. Beebop inspired us to shake off our incumbrances: he didn't need or want walking aids. He was born purrfect! He inspired us to always keep fighting because life is worth living. Despite his increased disability over the years, he battled on. He gave everything he had 100% of the time: he propelled himself out of bed, to the water fountain and in and out of his litter box. He often landed on his housemates and his sister. All were patient with him. They cared for him. Later in life, Beebop found love with a rescue kitty, Venus. She groomed him; slept with him; shared "watch" with mommy and Tucker and notified mommy if Beebop needed anything.

For nearly two decades, I cared for my wonderfully different kitties. With Stevie Ray and Beebop gone, I am not without special needs kitties but I am without the kitties who defined me. Tumblina, Spikealicious, Stevie Ray and Beebop set me on a path for which I am forever grateful.

He is with his many ferret friends, his predecessor, Pyewacket, his friends, Spikealicious and Stevie Ray and his sister, Tumblina now. Until I meet my Beebop angel again, I hold on to my many memories of him and look forward to seeing him in my dreams.

R.I.P. Beebop See

June 13, 1999 - February 23, 2017

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