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Pyewacket's and BooBoo's messages

Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If the previous post didn’t convince you, I have two more quick stories. Many years ago after my first cat, Pyewacket, passed, I was lying in bed talking to my Mom. I felt a cat jump onto my bed and in my lap. Not only did I feel Pyewacket, but both my Mom and I heard his bell on his collar as he made the leap!

A few years ago, my Aunt and I brought one of my very dear ferrets, Boo Boo, to the vet for his final visit. I brought his two favorite toys to accompany him on his journey. They were two life sized ferrets, whom at one time made ferret-like noises. Seconds after BooBoo’s passing, one of his toys still in the carrier where we left it, squeaked. The Vet nearly passed out! It was a very bittersweet moment. BooBoo was saying goodbye for now.

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