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My first poem about Spike...

Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Five kittens, born in a sandbox at a nursery school,

Arrived at the hospital one morning.

There were two boys and three little girls.

The tuxedo runt with the crooked tail gave warning:

He stomped his tiny white tipped paws

And silently hissed, “Back off!”


All five were destined for ‘forever homes’.

Even though little Spike wanted to stay.

As fate would have it, when we were alone,

I heard a heart murmur:  Spike got his way.


We learned of his v.s.d. much to our chagrin.

Spike’s prognosis was poor:  he was given a year to live.

We found a cardiologist, who was much less grim:

A pulmonary artery banding should be ameliorative.

Spike had his surgery and never looked back!

He lived to love and be loved:  he was a love bug.

He made friends easily; he had a real knack.

He stole hearts in NY and NJ with his Spikey hug.


He loved his housemates every last one:

All kitties, all ferrets and even a bun bun.

He enjoyed catnip, belly rubs and watching the unseen.

He chased water droplets in the shower and birdies on the tv screen.

He raised a paw to greet me in the window

And reach out to touch my face.

He would try to catch the falling snow

And play footsie through the door space.

He clawed my jeans routinely.

He was always by my side.

He cuddled with Dizz and Stevie

But gave Roo and Tucker a ride!


If Spikey taught me one lesson,

For there are too many to count:

It is that miracles happen

When you love with every last ounce!

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