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Kitten Smoothie or Kitty Immune Booster

Kerry See - Friday, December 13, 2019

I wanted to share this as I have developed something, I call my kitty smoothie or the kitty immune booster.  I based the formula on this article:

I used it to save 7 kittens approx 2 to 3 months of age ( 2 with fip) and prolong the life of three of my seniors. Although Dizzy recently passed from an osteosarcoma, I believe this supplement helped slow it's growth and helped her maintain her quality of life up until the day before she passed.  Tucker, has had liver disease for two years.  I recently was able to reverse it.  I attribute this success to both this smoothie and some natural liver supplements.  I am currently giving my Roary Roo this smoothie once daily as he is eating a raw diet three times daily.  

For the very sick, I syringe feed. Most love the taste.  Depending on whether they are eating, I will modify how much I give them per day.

As for the ingredients:

I use a high quality food base like Weruva pumpkin lickin chicken.

Then I add a capful of apple cider vinegar and approx 3 caps of pedialyte.  They recommend beef broth but it is so difficult to find any without flavoring so I use a handful of Instinct raw chicken nuggets and beef nuggets plus about 2 tablespoons of natural pet bone broth.

I add 2 gel caps of vitamin D3 (125mcg), one scoop (in bottle) of Simple Truth vitamin C crystal powder and empty a capsule of Bluebonnet B complex 50.

Lastly, I empty a capsule of Now slippery elm (400 mg), a capsule of Lifted Naturals bifida, a capsule of Thorne Research Veterinary's curcuvet-sa50 (curcumin), sprinkle some Sun Potion rice bran solubles, a packet of Soulistic pumpkin puree and blend in my nutribullet til it thickens.

Dec 12, 2019

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