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In memory of Roary & D'Artagnan

Kerry See - Wednesday, March 18, 2020
On January 28th, I bid farewell, for now, to two of my furbabies, Roary Roo and D'Artagnan.  As some of you know, both were fighting cancer. Roary was diagnosed in September of 2019 and D'Artagnan was diagnosed back in the fall of 2017.  Both fought valiantly.  Each lived life to the fullest right up until their last day on this Earthly plane.  I kept hoping for more time, a miracle even, up until the afternoon of the 28th.  Early that evening, Roo had 3 seizures, resulting in a coma.  D'Artagnan was in increasing pain and discomfort.  By nearly 8pm, D rested next to Roo as if to say, I am ready too.  I will cross with my friend.  He will not  be alone.

I know in my heart they have rested; the angels have healed them and they are now playing with all of my angel furbabies.  Until we meet again, my loves, see you in my dreams...

Here are three photos of my wee Roary Roo aka the kookaroo.  The first was taken shortly after his rescue; the second when he was a tree-climbing, curtain swinging young adult and the third probably a few years later.  

Roary was found in a truck's tire well hiding from the continuous attack of a cat bird.  I raced to the scene and grabbed the underweight kitten.  Boy, what he lacked in size, he made up for in his roar!  That was the loudest meOW I have ever heard from Roo ever!  He came to live with me and our much smaller crew in 2007.  Roo never grew to be a robust male cat.  He remained kitten sized.  When he was three, he developed grand mal seizures.  We attributed them to a very mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia.  The only other symptom he ever exhibited was his funny gait.  I even nicknamed him RooRoo Funnywalker. 

He was a very interesting kitty!  We would try and love him and he would push away.  We would love on him more saying, "You will love love!"; kiss him up and place him down.  He would gallop away making these hoo-hoo sounds.  He could chase a laser dot like no other.  He, literally, would run up a wall!  Once he ran up a wall and turned the light on!  He would climb the Christmas tree and swing from my tapestries.  That was naughty kookaroo!  I affectionately called him, 'my little weirdo'.  He would sunbathe in the window with his face pressed up against the screen or glass.  He would call out to his buddy, Tucker. Upon which, Tucker would answer and climb on top of Roo and do this special little dance. Ahem.  I would then leave the room so they could be alone.  

In December 2018, I decided to wean him off sedatives while introducing cbd oil. He had breakthrough seizures on the sedatives; on the cbd oil, not only was he seizure free, he was back to the kookaroo I knew and loved.  He was running around the apartment again singing his signature "hoo hoo"; bouncing off the walls and galloping around like a nut!  In late August 2019, he started sneezing.  The vet treated him for a sinus infection since two types of bacteria were present.  Over the course of a month, the infection went away as the smell dissipated but the swelling remained.  Xrays only showed a change in porosity under his right eye.  We then concluded, it was cancer.

I started him on a serious immune boosting diet.  He would only eat Smalls semi raw food but he would eat up to four times a day!  He took his supplements and his immune boosting smoothie like a champ.  He enjoyed sleeping on his pemf mat and receiving his photopuncture treatments.  Each seemed to really have benefited him.  

Funny thing was, Roo never purred until last year!  I seriously thought his purr motor was broken!  Hearing it was the absolute sweetest sound I had ever heard!  To answer your question, yes, he finally did love love.  We spent every possible minute together the last few months of his life.  He wanted nothing else but to be by my side.  He let me cuddle, kiss and squish him.  As difficult as that time was, it was very special.  Roo walked in the grass one last time; he went for car rides and spent long work days by my side.  He especially loved hanging on the tonneau cover in my truck on bright sunny days. He even cuddled in my lap and slept with me, which were two things he very rarely did.

I miss your hoo-hoo's.  See you on the other side, Kookaroo!
June 12, 2007 - January 28, 2020

Click here if interested in the immune supportive smoothie I created for Roo.
Click here to see the  pemf mat he's been using. Click here to learn about Photopuncture treatments.

Here are 3 photos of my little D'Artagnan. The first photo is from the day his buddy, Luca, and I adopted him; the second and third photos were taken in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Ferret math, like cat math, is simple:  you have a fluctuating number but rarely do you ever have just one!  Since 1993, I believe, I always had at least two ferrets.  One crosses over, you adopt another to keep your solo ferret company.  As the years went on, I would "adopt" ferrets from neighbors who thought their ferret would enjoy life at my place more.  

I had no intention of getting Luca but a neighbor gave me Bodega and well she needed a friend.  So I got Luca.  When Bo passed, Luca was still just a year old.  He couldn't go the rest of his life without a friend!  He and I went to a local ferret rescuer in Yonkers.  As soon as he and D saw each other, it was game on!  They were hopping, popping and "dooking" all over!  They were best buddies for a couple of years.  Luca was diagnosed with adrenal cancer at 3 years of age.  He received a hormonal implant, which should have given him at least another year or more.  He passed within months quite unexpectedly.  

I chose not to adopt another ferret because I thought D, being three himself, wouldn't be alone too long.  Ferrets, in my experience, don't live past 4 years of age.  Despite all odds, he celebrated his 7th birthday August 2019.  He received a hormonal implant as a last stitch resort in October 2017.  He got almost 2 and half miraculous years!  

He may have had a little less hair and was a little wobbly in his twilight but my little man lived his best life for as long as he could!  He was such a love:  he happily gave kisses to anyone who let him do so. He enjoyed running around his room each day playing with the cats; hunting for treats; stealing toys and hoarding them in his hideaway.  I credit his longevity mostly to his genes but outside of the hormonal implant, his healthy immune system was due to his healthy diet.  He loved freeze dried raw rabbit, chicken and chicken livers! He also loved his daily dose of cbd oil!  

I miss your dooking and thievery, little man!  See you on the other side!
August 20, 2012 - January 28, 2020


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