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In Memory of My Dizzy girl

Kerry See - Friday, June 14, 2019
It is with a very heavy heart I share the news of my Dizzy Frizzy kookoo kitty's passing May 16th just after midnight.

Our home will never be the same.

Last Thursday Dizzy and I went for what was our last stroller ride. I knew it that day but dared not give the thought energy. Although Dizzy continued to eat with gusto up until Wednesday, I knew she was preparing to cross over. I believe she was fueling up for the transition. It was months since I heard her signature, Mrrrrrr, months of twice daily bed changes and twice daily baths. To say it was challenging was an understatement but I wanted Dizzy to pass on her terms. I wanted to give her the opportunity to say goodbye to all of those she loved. I wanted everyone, human and furred to come to terms with her leaving us.

In the days before her passing, she got her goodbyes and all in my home paid her their respect by supporting her with headbonks, kisses, kneading her back and tummy and lying beside her. She and I were side by side apart from minor intervals all week. I wanted to be there with her every step of the way. She deserved that.

Dizzy was a remarkable ch fighter. Like two of my other ch kitties, Beebop and Tumblina, now in heaven, Dizzy surprised everyone with her determination and will to thrive! In her younger days, I would find her in the windows, midway up a cat tree and on furniture. I am positive she swatted whomever was in her way to claim those spots! She had a resting bitch face that caused people to step back. It worked for her. Those who took the time to look past it were treated to the sweetest mrrr, head sway and eventual full body landing into their open arms.
She had one kitty love, Spikealicious. She was actually saved from euthanasia by a co-worker and friend. The text message read something to the effect of, "I found Spikey's wife!" Although, Dizzy's first day at home entailed her beating the patooties out of Stevie Ray and her soon to be love, Spike, she was loved by them both, especially by Spike! I would find them side by side, his front leg wrapped around her backside! I know they came to help her cross over. I felt them all week. Love transcends space and time regardless of the species!

She formed a very dramatic love/hate relationship with my Egyptian Mau, Tucker. She would scream bloody murder and throw herself on the floor, all fours up as if he put her there! When in reality, poor Tucker was a foot away, looking at me like, "I swear I didn't touch her!" Tucker finally got his chance to kiss Ms. Dizz before her passing yesterday.
She was something else.

She begrudgingly helped comfort bottle babies in the past couple of years. I knew it was an act! I would find her all snuggled up with her adopted kittens.

I am positive she swatted a few kitties in line to get her wings. Go girl!

Love you forever, my Dizz Frizz.

February 14, 2003 - May 16, 2019

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