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In Memoriam...Annie McFannie

In Memoriam...


On August 13th, I had to say goodbye to my Annie Mc Fannie. 

Some of you may know, I became her foster/"most of the time" mommy when her mommy fell ill with covid. Although her mommy returned home from the hospital, her family felt, given Annie's complicated medical issues, Annie should stay with me for medical/hospice care. 

Annie moved in April 25th. She was spoiled; she made many kitty and human friends and accompanied me wherever I went. 

She was there for me when I needed to breakdown my Dad's room and redecorate the apartment for my Mom's return home from the hospital and rehab. She accompanied me on errands and jobs and hung out in the garden with me probably wondering why I was playing in the dirt instead of just relaxing with her.

Annie was a sweet, silly and super smart elderly lady. She was so brave. Through it all, she remained playful and loving. Even yesterday, struggling to stand, she fought it. I knew it was time though. On our way to the truck, although she kept pace, she stopped and looked up at me to lift her up. She had collapsed twice in the past 2 weeks. The last collapse just Tuesday. 

Annie rode one last time to work with me, kissing me when I said, "I love you, McFannie"; waiting for me to return the freezing cold car on the center console as usual. I could see in her sweet eyes she was exhausted. I told her the angels were coming for her. Her mommy met her at the hospital to comfort Annie during her transition. 

She was a gift to me. Those late night walks...those anytime walks after my Dad's passing and while my Mom was in the hospital and rehab, were very comforting.

I will think of her every August during the Perseid meteor showers...we were out there Wednesday night waiting and watching. I kept saying, "where are the meteors Annie?" She kept looking around! It was hysterical. Maybe she will "meet" me each year so we can watch them together .

I will miss you, Annie McFannie. Rest amongst the angels, little one

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RPPS is on YELP and Nextdoor. YELP is an app which publishes crowd sourced reviews of local businesses.  The Nextdoor app connects neighbors to each other and to everything nearby- local businesses, services, news updates and recommendations.  If you have a moment, would you leave RPPS a recommendation or a comment on either app?  I will provide a free weekday visit as a gesture of gratitude.

Rescue & Rehab on Paws

Due to rescues in recent years and other obligations, RPPS is not able to rescue/rehab domestic or wild animals presently and for the near future.  We recommend reaching out to NY Pet Rescue for domestic rescue & Animal Nation for wildlife rescue.  We are still running a fundraiser for the domestic animals and the occasional wild animal  in our care and have an active Amazon wishlist for supplies. Please click on "wild animal" to see a recent rescue (yes, I couldn't just leave her there); "fundraiser" to make a donation or "Amazon wishlist" to purchase one of the items we frequently need to care for these rescues.  You will find some of their stories on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Thank you in advance for your concern, your help and your generosity. I would also like to express a huge thank you to all of you who have donated in the past and recently!  Receiving an unexpected box of cat food brings me to tears of late.  Every donation, be it monetary, gently used pet supplies, unused rx or food has been greatly appreciated! If we cannot use it, we find someone who can.

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