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Tucker's liver values return to normal

This is my Tucker or Tuckie doos.  My cousin found him late one evening nearly 15 years ago outside of a gas station.  Of course, I ran up to the gas station to rescue him.  The attendant said a van opened their door and tossed him out.  He was the most challenging cat to live with for most of his adult life.  Being an Egyptian Mau, I half expected the high prey drive and superior intelligence.  These are not cats for the average cat owner that's for sure.  About 2 years ago, I started supplementing him to support his liver.  Although tests were not indicating liver disease, my instinct told me otherwise.  About a year ago, my instinct was confirmed by lab results.  Tuck turned sweet 16 in June.  He was such a good friend to Spikealicious (rip), Stevie Ray (rip), Beebop (rip) and Venus (rip); he gave poor JoeJoe (rip) hell; tried to get close to Dizzy (rip) but has always loved his Roary Roo. Now, he cuddles with kittens and lets my ferret, D'artagnan,  run free without worries.  I treasure each day with this big handsome guy.  Tuckie thanks you for all of your prayers!  Believe in the power of prayer!  Tucker visited his vet in September to have his liver values rechecked.  The lab and his vet were astonished!  His liver values were completely normal!!  His ALT went from 1373 to 56!  I am continuing his
supplements regardless. 

Natural Cancer remedies & treatments for cats

I have recently found the following immune boosting and cancer fighting supplements to be of great help:

Vitality Science sells a bundle of 3 remedies:  Celloquent, Herbal Anti & Vital Pet Lipids.

Pet Wellbeing offers two liquid supplements:  Life Gold & Immune Sure

In addition to these supplements, I give .25ml Cbd oil ( 500mgs) once daily.  

Lastly,  my Roary is sleeping on a pemf mat and I have just introduced photopuncture treatments.  Both energy modalities reduce inflammation and promote health cell regeneration.

Tucker's liver & kidney supplements

Listed below are the natural liver & kidney supplements I have given Tucker.  I alternate each day so as not to give him every supplement daily.  


Ayush Herbs:  Livit-2

Standard Process:  Livaplex

Nutramaxx:  Denamarin

Professional Health Products:  Liver Liquescence


Y.S. Eco Bee Farms;  Triple Bee Complex

Two natural remedies for feline constipation

I use a combination of the following remedies to ease constipation and prevent it going forward:

Pet Wellness:  Smooth BM Gold

Pet Alive:  Natural Moves

Sonny's Legendary tails of the Sees

Ruffly Purrfect has two IG accounts now.  The original account is an almost daily account of a day in the life of a pet sitter.  The second is new and more of a creative outlet.  

Please follow me on Instagram:  you will enjoy seeing client's pets, my pets and random wildlife encounters.  Check out my new Instagram page: Sonny's legendary tails of the See's!  Here you will find stories of animals that have crossed my path or walked alongside me. My very own maine coon, Sonny Logan Fluffbottom, will narrate: followers will read of successful rescues and rescue attempts gone awry, inspiring special needs cats, everyday antics of a multple cat household,  interspecies friendships, the human-animal bond, natural remedies, husbandry hacks, product recommendations, life lessons and spiritual growth. This page will act as the creative launchpad for my upcoming children's books.

Roary needs your purrayers

This is my wee Roary Roo aka the kookaroo.  Roary was found in a truck's tire well hiding from the continuous attack of a cat bird.  I raced to the scene and grabbed the underweight kitten.  Boy, what he lacked in size, he made up for in his roar!  That was the loudest meOW I have ever heard from Roo ever!  He came to live with me and our much smaller crew in 2007.  Roo never grew to be a robust male cat.  He has always been kitten sized.  When he was three, he developed grand mal seizures.  We attributed them to a very mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia.  The only other symptom he ever exhibited was his funny gait.  I even nicknamed him RooRoo Funnywalker. Last December I decided to wean him off sedatives while introducing cbd oil. He had breakthrough seizures on the sedatives; on the cbd oil, not only was he seizure free, he was back to the kookaroo I know and love.  He was running around the apartment again singing his signature "hoo hoo"; bouncing off the walls and galloping around like a nut!  In late August, he started sneezing.  The vet treated him for a sinus infection since two types of bacteria were present.  Over the course of a month, the infection went away as the smell dissipated but the swelling remained.  Xrays only showed a change in porosity under his right eye.  Did he have a stroke?  Is this a virulent bone infection or something worse?  On the upside, Roo is still eating.  He only eats Smalls semi raw food but he eats up to three times a day!  He takes his supplements and his immune boosting smoothie like a champ.  He seems to enjoy sleeping on his pemf mat and receiving his photopuncture treatments. Funny thing is, Roo never purred until recently.  It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!  Please say a purrayer for my little Kooka Roo.  Namaste.

Kitten Smoothie or Kitty Immune Booster

I wanted to share this as I have developed something, I call my kitty smoothie or the kitty immune booster.  I based the formula on this article:

I used it to save 7 kittens approx 2 to 3 months of age ( 2 with fip) and prolong the life of three of my seniors. Although Dizzy recently passed from an osteosarcoma, I believe this supplement helped slow it's growth and helped her maintain her quality of life up until the day before she passed.  Tucker, has had liver disease for two years.  I recently was able to reverse it.  I attribute this success to both this smoothie and some natural liver supplements.  I am currently giving my Roary Roo this smoothie once daily as he is eating a raw diet three times daily.  

For the very sick, I syringe feed. Most love the taste.  Depending on whether they are eating, I will modify how much I give them per day.

As for the ingredients:

I use a high quality food base like Weruva pumpkin lickin chicken.

Then I add a capful of apple cider vinegar and approx 3 caps of pedialyte.  They recommend beef broth but it is so difficult to find any without flavoring so I use a handful of Instinct raw chicken nuggets and beef nuggets plus about 2 tablespoons of natural pet bone broth.

I add 2 gel caps of vitamin D3 (125mcg), one scoop (in bottle) of Simple Truth vitamin C crystal powder and empty a capsule of Bluebonnet B complex 50.

Lastly, I empty a capsule of Now slippery elm (400 mg), a capsule of Lifted Naturals bifida, a capsule of Thorne Research Veterinary's curcuvet-sa50 (curcumin), sprinkle some Sun Potion rice bran solubles, a packet of Soulistic pumpkin puree and blend in my nutribullet til it thickens.

Dec 12, 2019

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