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Another poem about Spike...written for his Cardiologist

Kerry See - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We discovered a v.s.d.

at just a month old.

“He won’t make his first birthday”

Or so we were told.


Refusing to accept this,

We went on a mission:

We met Dr. Schrope and Chris,

A team with a vision.


We learned something more promising:

Spike just needed surgery.

So a pulmonary artery banding

was performed on his first birthday.


Spike enjoyed many carefree years,

winning the hearts of all He met.

He endured his share of fears,

conquering every one without fret.


Sadly, now our hearts are heavy

because our Spikealicious has moved on

We can find joy in His memory:

For it is your left shoulder He sits upon.

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