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A poem about Pyewacket

Kerry See - Saturday, March 17, 2012
Pyewacket After years, it seemed, of prayers and pleading, Mom and Dad surrendered when you came along. On the streets of Queens they found you wandering. You rode wrapped round Dad’s neck all the way home. You were blonde with hints of color On your face, ears, tail and feet. Your eyes were blue, gazing at one another. What a blessing! A seal point Siamese. You were the intrepid explorer Right from the start. Those who knew you better Understood the depth of your heart. You were elegant, beautiful You were inquisitive, mischievous You were loving and playful You were protective and devious. You were my friend, my confidante. You were everything to me. Our bond grew stronger, as the years went on. Together, we faced many difficulties. I’d sing to you, “You are my sunshine, My only sunshine, You make me happy When skies are gray…” Although memories have faded, Photos remind me daily Of the nineteen years shared With my Pyewacket, my Bunky.

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