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2017 Policy changes

Kerry See - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Payment policy changes

A 50% down payment is due on the first day of service for reservations in excess of one week; full payment is required on the first day of service for reservations of a week or less.

Daily clients are to pay weekly balances each Friday.

If you are using PayPal, you must notify RPPS in advanced as there will be a 3% surcharge.


Termination of Daily Service

Please provide Ruffly Purrfect with a full 1 (one) week or 5 (five) day notice in the event mid-day service is no longer needed. If a full one week or five day notice is not provided, payment is due for the service originally agreed upon. This is particularly important for seasonal clients as your time slot is reserved for you.  Failure to notify RPPS of intent to forego service prohibits RPPSof securing a prospective client.


Cancellations for Daily Service

A 24 hour notice is required prior to the next scheduled visit.  Otherwise, payment is due for the time originally agreed upon.

Holiday & Vacation Cancellations

With the exception of severe weather, life threatening emergencies or a death in the family, any cancelations prior to a major holiday or planned vacation with less than a 3 (three) day notice will result in 50% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care to be paid.


Last minute surcharge

With the exception of family emergencies, any reservation requests made 72 hours or less during peak times (i.e. summer months, school vacation weeks or holidays) and 24 hours or less during non-peak times will incur a $5 additional fee on the total invoice.

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