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  1. Remembering Figaro Kerry See 27-Sep-2018
  2. 2018 Availabilty changes Kerry See 27-Sep-2018
  3. Fundraiser & Amazon wishlist Kerry See 27-Sep-2018
  4. Beyond Valuable service Kerry See 03-Mar-2018
  5. Policy reminders Kerry See 01-Feb-2018
  6. Now accepting VENMO Kerry See 01-Feb-2018
  7. Minor Change to 2018 BLACKOUT DATES Kerry See 07-Jan-2018
  8. Remembering JoeJoe Kerry See 21-Dec-2017
  9. 2018 BLACKOUT DATES Kerry See 09-Nov-2017
  10. Simba needs a home Kerry See 31-Jul-2017
  11. Celebrating 21 years of caring for Westchester County's pets Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  12. Overnight care available in some areas Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  13. RPPS welcomes new & returning staff Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  14. HELP WANTED Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  15. Princess is looking for her new castle Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  16. Remembering Venus Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  17. Remembering Beebop Kerry See 26-Jun-2017
  18. Sweet Bella is still looking for a furever home Kerry See 25-Jun-2017
  19. UPDATED 2017 and 2018 Vacation Dates Kerry See 25-Jun-2017
  20. Venus gets one last miracle Kerry See 18-Jun-2017
  21. Papaya and Licorice find their furever home Kerry See 18-Jun-2017
  22. Remembering Stevie Ray Kerry See 03-Mar-2017
  23. Peeves & Spartacus need a home Kerry See 01-Mar-2017
  24. Roti needs a home Kerry See 04-Feb-2017
  25. Wiley needs a home Kerry See 04-Feb-2017
  26. Amended 2017 vacation dates Kerry See 03-Feb-2017
  27. Kitties for adoption Kerry See 23-Jan-2017
  28. 2017 Policy changes Kerry See 22-Jan-2017
  29. SUMMER 2016 Vacation Reminder Kerry See 11-Jun-2016
  30. EASTER & UPCOMING VACATIONS Kerry See 14-Mar-2016
  31. Christmas with the See Gang over the years Kerry See 11-Jan-2016
  32. 2016 Policy changes Kerry See 11-Jan-2016
  33. 2016 Limited Service Dates Kerry See 11-Jan-2016
  34. Halloween with the See Gang over the years Kerry See 29-Nov-2015
  35. Limited Service Update Kerry See 05-Jul-2015
  36. OUT OF OFFICE REMINDER Kerry See 01-May-2015
  37. Additional Limited Service Dates Kerry See 25-Jan-2015
  38. RPPS is working with local petsitters Kerry See 18-Dec-2014
  39. The Gratitude Book Project: The Best of Pets Kerry See 18-Dec-2014
  40. Christmas with the See Gang 2013-2014 Kerry See 18-Dec-2014
  41. Fee increases Kerry See 18-Dec-2014
  42. 2015 Limited Service Dates Kerry See 16-Dec-2014
  43. Mango needs life-saving surgery Kerry See 02-Sep-2014
  44. Autumn 2014 limited service dates Kerry See 29-Jun-2014
  45. Out of Office Kerry See 18-May-2014
  46. Updated Limited Service Dates 2014 Kerry See 10-Feb-2014
  47. A See holiday 2013 Kerry See 16-Dec-2013
  48. Meet my kids Kerry See 16-Dec-2013
  49. New York Times Article January 2000 Kerry See 02-Dec-2013
  50. Cat collars for separation anxiety Kerry See 15-Apr-2013
  51. Upcoming "Limited Service Dates" Kerry See 11-Mar-2013
  52. JANUARY 2013 NEWS Kerry See 13-Jan-2013
  53. Among my blessings Kerry See 26-Nov-2012
  54. November 2012 News Kerry See 12-Nov-2012
  55. JJ still looking for his forever home Kerry See 06-Nov-2012
  56. Jensen needs a loving home. Kerry See 30-Oct-2012
  57. SANDY interrupts service today also Kerry See 30-Oct-2012
  58. PayPal Kerry See 25-Sep-2012
  59. September 2012 News Kerry See 24-Sep-2012
  60. RPPS "No Service" Days Kerry See 24-Sep-2012
  61. Jack Straw is adopted Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  62. Pumpkin finds a home Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  63. Sydney finds a home Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  64. Mischief finds a home Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  65. Dublin, Franny and Paris go home together Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  66. Florence and Vienna go home together Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  67. Hutch needs a home Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  68. Nemo Ninja and Chico Bean need a home Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  69. Mindy's been adopted! Kerry See 13-Aug-2012
  70. Mindy needs a home Kerry See 24-Jul-2012
  71. Scratchy's been adopted! Kerry See 24-Jul-2012
  72. Scratchy needs a home Kerry See 08-Jul-2012
  73. Adoption/Fostering Application Kerry See 04-Jun-2012
  74. What is Pulmonary Artery Banding? Kerry See 03-Jun-2012
  75. What is cerebellar hypoplasia? Kerry See 03-Jun-2012
  76. What is Reiki? Kerry See 03-Jun-2012
  77. The Journal News article October 1999 Kerry See 31-May-2012
  78. Catnip September 2000 article Kerry See 31-May-2012
  79. The Gratitude Book Project: Best of Pets news release Kerry See 29-May-2012
  80. Tumblina's poem Kerry See 29-May-2012
  81. Another poem about Spike...written for his Cardiologist Kerry See 29-May-2012
  82. My first poem about Spike... Kerry See 29-May-2012
  83. Pyewacket's and BooBoo's messages Kerry See 29-May-2012
  84. Spike confirms Tumblina's passing over Rainbow Bridge Kerry See 29-May-2012
  85. Tumblina's memorial Kerry See 29-May-2012
  86. Spike's memorial Kerry See 29-May-2012
  87. Memorial Collages Kerry See 29-May-2012
  88. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Kerry See 27-Apr-2012
  89. NURSING PLAN Kerry See 27-Apr-2012
  90. DAILY PLAN Kerry See 27-Apr-2012
  91. VACATION PLAN Kerry See 27-Apr-2012
  92. Life saver Kerry See 17-Mar-2012
  93. A poem about Pyewacket Kerry See 17-Mar-2012
  94. Ollie’s Memorial Kerry See 17-Mar-2012
  95. Venus’ Fundraiser Kerry See 17-Mar-2012

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