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Remembering Figaro

I received an email one October morning from a client regarding "another" kitten in his yard.  We affectionately called his yard Tuxedo Central. A single kitten born of a close knit colony of tuxedo cats,  he was the fourth kitten born that year.  The first three had been rescued, vetted and spayed just a couple of months prior.  
On October 30th, I rushed over to my client's home to check on the little guy as I feared what could happen on the following day.  I found him alone, no parents around, sleeping on a chair cushion in the middle of a cement patio.  What's a girl to do but scoop him up and take him home, right?  
I brought this little fuzzy boy home. One look into my eyes, while bottle feeding him, and I was wrapped around his tiny white tipped paws! I introduced him to the pride he would soon call his family and he settled in almost immediately.  I had just rescued another kitten, Rudy, just a month prior.  Rudy was just 8 weeks old so Figgy snuggled up to him and they became fast besties.  Figgy snuggled up to everyone in the house whether they wanted him to or not.  He cuddled with Beebop, my ch kitty, Venus, Dizzy, Patch, Mina and Big Nico!  He was a very silly and affectionate kitty.  He would sit between my legs and inch closer and closer gazing into my eyes the entire time.  He would always hop up to head bump my hand, purring and cooing under my pets.
At a year and a half old, he started to experience some health issues and his vet suggested a urethrostomy and subsequent diet change. Figlet, as he became known due to his hearty appetite and roundish shape, recovered from the surgery but was never the same.  As far as the surgeon was concerned, all healed perfectly.  A mommy knows her baby and I knew something was off. 
He had difficulty:  he battled cystitis and incontinence for a year post op. Through it all, he remained my sweet, loving baby boy.  He enjoyed sitting in his cat tree; he had a couple of favorite roosts. Occasionally, he would feel better than usual and want to play.  Seeing him play a bit would fill my heart with such happiness.  He enjoyed his raw food and his treats and tolerated his prescription food and all the supplements for bladder health, urinary tract health and stone dissolution.  
He began to spend more and more time by himself and stayed in his house or in his roosts, only coming out to eat with his fur family.  I was thrilled he still enjoyed eating.  In April 2018, something changed. He was hospitalized for a bladder stone and had a severe reaction to pain medications.  I nearly lost him!  After much deliberation, his vet and I agreed he needed to be maintained on diet and surgery would need to be postponed until he was strong enough.
He began losing weight and despite my efforts to get him to eat his rx diet flavored with food he loved, he still seemed to lose weight.  He seemed happy and ate really well during the first couple of days in August but I noticed something concerning that Friday.  I started to treat for what I thought was another bout of cystitis and planned to bring him to the vet on Monday to explore the possibility of another stone and surgical removal. 
Monday morning was terrifying.  My heart told me I was losing my baby boy.  My mind was in denial.  He was not even four years old!  How could this be happening.  Deep down I had known this was coming. Guilt was overwhelming me:  I should have given him fluids everyday.  I could have lowered his kidney values had i given him fluids and more bee pollen.
I rushed Fig to the hospital.  Unfortunately, all his vet could do was keep him comfortable.  X-rays revealed a blood filled bladder; labs revealed extraordinary kidney and liver values, indication of cancer and severe anemia.  I brought my Figlet home that night.  I was so caught up in making sure his fluids were running and giving him his medications, I lost precious time.  My Figgy passed at my side 3:15am Tuesday.  
He took part of me with him that morning.  I know, in my heart, I was his mommy and he was my baby boy.  I know, too, that he is with his fur family:  those he knew in his life (Stevie, Venus, Beebop and JoeJoe) and those he didn't.  Until I can hold him again in my arms, I will always hold him in my heart.
RIP my Figlet.
October 6th, 2014 - August 7th, 2018

2018 Availabilty changes

2018 Availabilty changes

Please note on the follow­ing dates, Kerry will not be available for any dog walking or pet-sitting ser­vices. Every effort will be made by support staff to cover any reservations and/or daily services occurring during these periods. Clients will be personally contacted if coverage cannot be provided.

It is highly suggested that clients contact Kerry prior to booking their travel plans in an effort to avoid any possible conflicts.

SEPTEMBER 27th thru OCTOBER  7th


DECEMBER 1st thru 7th

Fundraiser & Amazon wishlist

RPPS has rescued ten cats this year.  We are currently running a fundraiser for their vetting and have started an Amazon wishlistPlease click on "fundraiser" to make a donation or "Amazon wishlist" to purchase one of the items we frequently need to care for these rescues.  You will find their stories below.  Thank you in advance for your concern, your help and your generosity. I would also like to express a huge thank you to all of you who have donated in the past.  Every donation, be it monetary, gently used pet supplies, unused rx or food has been greatly appreciated!  If we cannot use it, we find someone who can!  If you feel more comfortable donating directly to our veterinarian, we use Main Street Animal Hospital in Elmsford, New York.  They can be reached at (914) 592-4644.

The Bomb!!!

What a wonderful opportunity to have experienced a pet sitter for my fabulous Simba.  You are the BOMB!!!

Beyond Valuable service

Beyond valuable service for the peace of mind you give us while on vacation.  Thanks again!  J. Bailey

Policy reminders

Policy reminder
As per 2017 policy, payment for reservations of a week or less are required prior to or on the start date; a 50% deposit is required for reservations in excess of a week prior to or on the start date. 

Last minute surcharge
With the exception of family emergencies, any reservation requests made 72 hours or less during peak times (i.e. summer months, school vacation weeks or holidays) and 24 hours or less during non-peak times will incur a $10 additional fee on the total invoice.

Additionally, an administration fee of $10 will be added to invoices in the event of reservation changes made in less than a week prior to the start date.

Holiday & Vacation Cancellations: With the exception of severe weather, life threatening emergencies or a death in the family, Any cancellations prior to a major holiday or a planned vacation with less than a 3 (three) day notice will result in 50% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care to be paid. We request your understanding that Holiday travel is a peak service time for pet care.

Cancellations for Daily Service: A 24-hour notice is required prior to the next scheduled visit. Otherwise payment is due for the time originally agreed upon.

Now accepting VENMO

RPPS is now accepting Venmo!

 is the simple, fun money app for sending cash quickly between friends and shopping at your favorite online stores. Split purchases to avoid awkward IOUs, share your new buys, and catch up on what your friends are doing on the feed. “Just Venmo me” has become synonymous with “pay me back” or “I got it."  Download the iOS or Android app or sign up on today.

Minor Change to 2018 BLACKOUT DATES

Due to the nature of my service, seven day work weeks are commonplace.  Months will go by without a day off.  Beginning in March of this year, I will begin to take one weekend off a month in addition to vacation time.  Please note on the follow­ing dates, Kerry will not be available for any dog walking or pet-sitting ser­vices. Every effort will be made by support staff to cover any reservations and/or daily services occurring during these periods. Clients will be personally contacted if coverage cannot be provided.

It is highly suggested that clients contact Kerry prior to booking their travel plans in an effort to avoid any possible conflicts.

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Remembering JoeJoe

I rescued JoeJoe from CACC in Manhattan on May 25, 2011 along with 3 other cats, Venus, being one of them. Joseph, as he was called, was the first I chose to pull from death row as he was named after the person I thought I was rescuing him for. As fate would have it, 2 of the 4 kitties found homes quickly but Joseph and Venus were too traumatized and I decided they needed to stay with me.

Joseph became JoeJoe. I knew there was a sweet kitty hiding behind all the growls and hisses. He broke my heart in those early days: he was unkempt; he didn't want to be touched, let alone brushed, combed or have his nails trimmed; he didn't know what a toy was nor what friends were. Interactions, at first, were very confusing to him . He thought everyone was trying to attack him. He eventually made two true friends: his first friend was Roary Roo, my little ch kitty; his second friend was Patch, a shelter rescue. As the years went on, despite the occasional argument with Tucker, the big guy of the household, everyone accepted JoeJoe and he accepted every newcomer.

It was heartwarming and funny watching JoeJoe learn how to play. He loved catnip. Every month when the Kitnip box arrived JoeJoe was one of the first ones to dive in. I bought those silly stuffed fish that are all over Instagram and he was playing with them the week before he passed. There was something awkward about the way he played but seeing him play brought me such joy.

JoeJoe had the sweetest song. He didn't meow; he sang! When he wanted attention he would sing his heart out. When he wanted a hug, he would get as close as possible to you, usually sitting at the very edge of a table, stare and pleadingly sing to you. As soon as you gave him the signal or said ok, he would climb you. You would have to be sure not to place your hands on his back. You could pet his head and hold him under his bum while he was latched on but you had to wait til he was ready to launch off you, otherwise, JoeJoe grumbled, growled and hissed with discontenment.

I jokingly called him my homeless kitty. He always looked disheveled. I considered myself lucky if when passing by him I got a good swipe of the comb and removed some dead hair! I knew there was a silky coat under there somewhere!

I am grateful for the 6 years with my JoeJoe honey. I am grateful for how far he came. The thrill of seeing him truly relax, sleep without a care in the world is a feeling I can't truly explain. All I ever wanted for him was to know love and to forget his past before living with me. I am even more grateful I was there for his passing. From the moment we left the vet on Thursday, JoeJoe was in bed with me; riding shotgun and in his final hours by my side. 

I will always miss my homeless kitty, my Joe Joe kitty.

R.I.P. JoeJoe See, my drama queen.

November 10, 2009 - December 16, 2017



In some instances, substitutes may be available.

It is highly suggested that clients contact Kerry directly well in advanced of any possible conflicts.


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