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Ruffly Purrfect provides loving at home pet care while owners are away. Whether you go on vacation, a business trip, need a midday visit to walk, feed or cuddle, or medicate your pet; Ruffly Purrfect will be there when you can't be.

Important Announcements

Overnight care available in some areas26-Jun-2017

New Website, Social Media & Newsletters

We are finally launching our new and improved website within the next few months!!!  

That being said, all announcements, including services offered, availability, staffing, current promotions, fosters & adoptions, memorials, helpful advice and the fun stuff will be found exclusively on our new site and our social media pages. We are discontinuing our quarterly newsletters.

Please make note of the following links:  

Social Media Meowtivation

I have been using Facebook and Instagram more regularly now and will be offering special promotions via these accounts. Please follow me on Instagram: you will enjoy seeing client's pets, my pets and random wildlife encounters.

Check out my two new Instagram pages: Sonny's legendary tails of the See's and RickyWobbles. Here you will find stories of animals that have crossed my path or walked alongside me. My very own maine coon, Sonny Logan Fluffbottom and my newest rescue, a ch kitten, Ricky Wobbles, narrate these pages: followers will read of successful rescues and rescue attempts gone awry, inspiring special needs cats, everyday antics of a multiple cat household, interspecies friendships, the human-animal bond, natural remedies, husbandry hacks, product recommendations, life lessons and spiritual growth. These pages will act as creative launchpads for my upcoming children's books.

2021 Therapeutic Services

I began offering Photopuncture and PEMF therapy this summer.  I have seen amazing results using light therapy in dogs with arthritis and diabetic neuropathy.  I have also witnessed improvements using light therapy and pemf in the health of cats with metabolic issues, specifically kidney and liver disease.  Currently, I am working with pemf mats and small pads.  I hope to purchase a portable PEMF unit next year. 

I will complete my  Reiki certification in Autumn 2021. Unfortunately,   I had to reschedule as my instructor passed in early 2020.  

A complete list of services and pricing will be available once my training is complete.

Ricky's Story & Fundraiser

I am running a fundraiser for my most recent rescue, a ch kitten named Ricky Wobbles and have an active Amazon wishlist for supplies. Please click on "fundraiser" to make a donation or "Amazon wishlist" to purchase one of the items frequently needed to care for these rescues. 

Meet Ricky (named after Ricky Martin for his song, "Shake your Bonbon") 

Ricky has cerebellar hypoplasia.  He was born to a feral black kitty in a small managed colony in Orange County, NY.  This colony happens to be managed by my brother and his neighbors.  This female and one male are the only two intact cats in the colony.  Apparently, they have eluded trapping on several occasions.

Ricky caught my brother's attention once he began venturing out from his family's safe place. It was Ricky's unsteady gait, frequent stumbles and bobble head movements that sounded the alarms. 

I headed up to evaluate and catch Ricky on November 5th.  It was a challenging rescue but I managed with the help of my sister-in-law.

After a few flea baths, intestinal parasite treatments, good food, a warm place to sleep and lots of love, Ricky has blossomed despite his developmental delays, mobility challenges and battle with an upper respiratory infection.  

He is like every other fearless and silly kitten. Albeit, he crashes and falls more than most but he is a ch inspiration like my ch kitties (Beebop, Tumblina, Dizzy & Roary Roo) before him.  Nothing is going to keep this little man down!

Revel in Ricky's triumphs by clicking here.

2021 & 2022 BLACK OUT DATES



There is no service available on the following dates as I will be attending virtual training seminars for approximately 9 hours each day:

February 12th and 13th 2021

March 5th, 6th and 7th 2021

May 19th 2021

more dates to follow as additional seminars are added.


I will be out of town: April 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2022

Thank you for your understanding.

In Memoriam...Annie McFannie

In Memoriam...


On August 13th, I had to say goodbye to my Annie Mc Fannie. 

Some of you may know, I became her foster/"most of the time" mommy when her mommy fell ill with covid. Although her mommy returned home from the hospital, her family felt, given Annie's complicated medical issues, Annie should stay with me for medical/hospice care. 

Annie moved in April 25th. She was spoiled; she made many kitty and human friends and accompanied me wherever I went. 

She was there for me when I needed to breakdown my Dad's room and redecorate the apartment for my Mom's return home from the hospital and rehab. She accompanied me on errands and jobs and hung out in the garden with me probably wondering why I was playing in the dirt instead of just relaxing with her.

Annie was a sweet, silly and super smart elderly lady. She was so brave. Through it all, she remained playful and loving. Even yesterday, struggling to stand, she fought it. I knew it was time though. On our way to the truck, although she kept pace, she stopped and looked up at me to lift her up. She had collapsed twice in the past 2 weeks. The last collapse just Tuesday. 

Annie rode one last time to work with me, kissing me when I said, "I love you, McFannie"; waiting for me to return the freezing cold car on the center console as usual. I could see in her sweet eyes she was exhausted. I told her the angels were coming for her. Her mommy met her at the hospital to comfort Annie during her transition. 

She was a gift to me. Those late night walks...those anytime walks after my Dad's passing and while my Mom was in the hospital and rehab, were very comforting.

I will think of her every August during the Perseid meteor showers...we were out there Wednesday night waiting and watching. I kept saying, "where are the meteors Annie?" She kept looking around! It was hysterical. Maybe she will "meet" me each year so we can watch them together .

I will miss you, Annie McFannie. Rest amongst the angels, little one

YELP & NextDoor Promos

RPPS is on YELP and Nextdoor. YELP is an app which publishes crowd sourced reviews of local businesses.  The Nextdoor app connects neighbors to each other and to everything nearby- local businesses, services, news updates and recommendations.  If you have a moment, would you leave RPPS a recommendation or a comment on either app?  I will provide a free weekday visit as a gesture of gratitude.

Rescue & Rehab on Paws

Due to rescues in recent years and other obligations, RPPS is not able to rescue/rehab domestic or wild animals presently and for the near future.  We recommend reaching out to NY Pet Rescue for domestic rescue & Animal Nation for wildlife rescue.  We are still running a fundraiser for the domestic animals and the occasional wild animal  in our care and have an active Amazon wishlist for supplies. Please click on "wild animal" to see a recent rescue (yes, I couldn't just leave her there); "fundraiser" to make a donation or "Amazon wishlist" to purchase one of the items we frequently need to care for these rescues.  You will find some of their stories on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Thank you in advance for your concern, your help and your generosity. I would also like to express a huge thank you to all of you who have donated in the past and recently!  Receiving an unexpected box of cat food brings me to tears of late.  Every donation, be it monetary, gently used pet supplies, unused rx or food has been greatly appreciated! If we cannot use it, we find someone who can.

Dedication & love to animals

I find your dedication and love to animals heart warming. and I wish we had more humans like you treating our defenseless animals with love and respect which they're so deserving of.

I feel very fortunate to have you care for my cat and feel very much at ease when I'm not home to be with her myself.

Thanks Kerry and God bless you.

Sonny's Inaugural Online Costume Contest on IG

Meow! The time is nigh! Our inaugural Halloween Costume Contest has officially begun! It is open to ALL. 🐈, 🐕, 🐦,🦦,🐇 ,🐁, 🐿...

There are 10 CATegories:

RULES: ONE entry per category. Please direct message my Meowmy your photo entries and your mailing address. All contestants will receive a goodie bag via 🐌 mail. I will get to work on those tomorrow. This is exhausting!

All CATegory winners will receive a halloween themed toy in their goodie bag. Winners will be chosen by you!

For the next ten days, my furfamily and I will share some inspirational costumes in each CATegory. We do hope you participate! This will be fun! Entries must be submitted by October 8th.

On October 9th, meowmy will post all entrants to each CATegory. Voting will remain open for ONE week. Last day to vote is October 16th. All you have to do to vote is comment who your favorite is. We will tally up the votes.

On October 19th, Meowmy will announce the winners!! Then we will mail your prizes. This way you have them in time for Halloween!

On October 19th, Meowmy and I will pick one random RPPS client/contestant to win a free pet care visit as well.

Well, I think that's it. Any questions for me or Meowmy, comment below.

Until my next post, #headbonksandpurrs #sonny #fluffbottom #sonnyslegendarytailsofthesees #mainecooncat #mainecooncatsofig #storyteller #halloweencontest #catsincostumes #dogsincostumes #birds #ferrets #bunnies #chinchillas #hamsters #goodiebag #onlinecontest #rufflypurrfectfamily


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