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Ruffly Purrfect provides loving at home pet care while owners are away. Whether you go on vacation, a business trip, need a midday visit to walk, feed or cuddle, or medicate your pet; Ruffly Purrfect will be there when you can't be.

Important Announcements

Overnight care available in some areas26-Jun-2017

2020 Black out and Limited availability dates

2020 Black out & Limited availability dates:

Dates where I will not be available are listed below as black out dates.  Please note on these dates,Kerry See, will not be available for any pet-sitting or dog walking services.  Every effort will be made by support staff, which includes but is not limited to Sally Lore, Diana Bonsignore and Robin Russ, to cover any reservations and/or daily services occurring during these periods.  Clients will be personally contacted if coverage cannot be provided.  Clients will be notified who will be covering their reserved services.  

It is highly suggested that clients contact Kerry See prior to booking their travel plans in an effort to avoid any possible conflicts.  

Black out dates (Kerry is not available. Support staff only.):

Feb 29, 2020

March 21st

April 17th - 19th

May 29th - May 31st

September 24th - 28th

October 8th - 11th

Limited Service dates (Kerry is available with support staff):

none as of yet

2019 - 2020 Limited Service & Black Out Dates

Availability changes to September & October Black out dates:

Originally, I was planning to take intermittent days off throughout the month of September and early October.  I have since decided to take September 7th through and including October 7th off.  There are other dates where I will not be available listed below.  Please note on these dates, Kerry See, will not be available for any pet-sitting or dog walking services.  Every effort will be made by support staff, which includes but is not limited to Sally Lore and Robin Russ, to cover any reservations and/or daily services occurring during these periods.  Clients will be personally contacted if coverage cannot be provided.  Clients will be notified who will be covering their reserved services.  

It is highly suggested that clients contact Kerry See prior to booking their travel plans in an effort to avoid any possible conflicts.  

Black out dates (Kerry is not available. Support staff only.):

September 7th through and including October 7th

October 13th

October 26th & 27th

Feb 29, 2020

Limited Service dates (Kerry is available with support staff):

November 26th* (Kerry is available til 3pm)

Bonded 8 month cuties need forever home

Remember these two cuties from our Winter newsletter.  They are approximately 8 months old now.  The black and white kitten is a girl and the tabby and white is a boy.  Their brother and sister already found a furever home around Thanksgiving.  I am told these two are absolute dolls! They are both fully vetted:  they have been vaccinated, de-wormed spayed and neutered.   Please email me if interested adoption.

Aquapurr Product Recommendation & Discount Code

I have recently partnered with the owner of Aquapurr.  I met him at a Cat convention earlier this year.  He is a one man operation.  I love supporting start ups and this is a brilliant product!  Click on this link to watch video of some of my babies enjoying their Aquapurr fountain and this link to get your10% off!

In Memory of My Dizzy girl

It is with a very heavy heart I share the news of my Dizzy Frizzy kookoo kitty's passing May 16th just after midnight.

Our home will never be the same.

Last Thursday Dizzy and I went for what was our last stroller ride. I knew it that day but dared not give the thought energy. Although Dizzy continued to eat with gusto up until Wednesday, I knew she was preparing to cross over. I believe she was fueling up for the transition. It was months since I heard her signature, Mrrrrrr, months of twice daily bed changes and twice daily baths. To say it was challenging was an understatement but I wanted Dizzy to pass on her terms. I wanted to give her the opportunity to say goodbye to all of those she loved. I wanted everyone, human and furred to come to terms with her leaving us.

In the days before her passing, she got her goodbyes and all in my home paid her their respect by supporting her with headbonks, kisses, kneading her back and tummy and lying beside her. She and I were side by side apart from minor intervals all week. I wanted to be there with her every step of the way. She deserved that.

Dizzy was a remarkable ch fighter. Like two of my other ch kitties, Beebop and Tumblina, now in heaven, Dizzy surprised everyone with her determination and will to thrive! In her younger days, I would find her in the windows, midway up a cat tree and on furniture. I am positive she swatted whomever was in her way to claim those spots! She had a resting bitch face that caused people to step back. It worked for her. Those who took the time to look past it were treated to the sweetest mrrr, head sway and eventual full body landing into their open arms.
She had one kitty love, Spikealicious. She was actually saved from euthanasia by a co-worker and friend. The text message read something to the effect of, "I found Spikey's wife!" Although, Dizzy's first day at home entailed her beating the patooties out of Stevie Ray and her soon to be love, Spike, she was loved by them both, especially by Spike! I would find them side by side, his front leg wrapped around her backside! I know they came to help her cross over. I felt them all week. Love transcends space and time regardless of the species!

She formed a very dramatic love/hate relationship with my Egyptian Mau, Tucker. She would scream bloody murder and throw herself on the floor, all fours up as if he put her there! When in reality, poor Tucker was a foot away, looking at me like, "I swear I didn't touch her!" Tucker finally got his chance to kiss Ms. Dizz before her passing yesterday.
She was something else.

She begrudgingly helped comfort bottle babies in the past couple of years. I knew it was an act! I would find her all snuggled up with her adopted kittens.

I am positive she swatted a few kitties in line to get her wings. Go girl!

Love you forever, my Dizz Frizz.

February 14, 2003 - May 16, 2019

Rescue/Rehab, donations & wishlist

RPPS rescued ten cats in 2018 alone. Due to these recent rescues and other obligations, RPPS is not able to rescue/rehab domestic or wild animals at this time. We recommend reaching out to NY Pet Rescue for domestic rescue & Animal Nation for wildlife rescue. We are still running a fundraiser for the domestic animals in our care and have an active Amazon wishlist for supplies. Please click on "fundraiser" to make a donation or "Amazon wishlist" to purchase one of the items we frequently need to care for these rescues. You will find their stories in previous blog posts. I have also included some courtesy posts for friends who are looking to find forever homes for a sibling pair of kittens and a lovely senior lady. If you are interested in adopting any of these kitties, please email me at Thank you in advance for your concern, your help and your generosity. I would also like to express a huge thank you to all of you who have donated in the past. Every donation, be it monetary, gently used pet supplies, unused rx or food has been greatly appreciated! If we cannot use it, we find someone who can.  

2019 Updated Black out dates

2019 Availabilty changes

Please note on the follow­ing dates, Kerry will not be available for any dog walking or pet-sitting ser­vices. Every effort will be made by support staff to cover any reservations and/or daily services occurring during these periods. Clients will be personally contacted if coverage cannot be provided.

It is highly suggested that clients contact Kerry prior to booking their travel plans in an effort to avoid any possible conflicts.


JUNE 29TH *limited availability

JULY 28th *limited availability


The Charmed Ones and The Winchesters

The Charmed ones, a litter of five 4 week old kittens, were being cared for by their momma cat and a kind human when they all came down with upper respiratory infections.  We are currently housing them as they have fully recovered from their illnesses.  They still pile up and create quite the purring symphony!  They are affectionate and playful.  They have been known to wreak havoc...guess they are true purrty animals!  Despite minor complications with Phoebe and Leo, we anticipate spaying, neutering and microchipping all of them this month!

Sam and Dean, siblings of just 2 1/2 weeks old, were found in a woman's backyard undernourished and covered in bite wounds and fleas.  They were both treated for the bite wounds and were both bottle fed.  Sam, the black kitten,  was extremely underweight.  His brother, Dean, was significantly larger than him.  Flea anemia could have been a factor as well as a systemic infection from the bite wounds.  
On December 7th, I noticed Dean was sleeping more than normal.  He just wasn't himself.  I started him on some immune support remedies I had at home thinking maybe he had a cold.  Over the weekend, I started him on subcutaneous fluids as his appetite was decreasing.  By Tuesday, he was diagnosed with fiv, a high fever and a heart murmur. He was sent home on antibiotics.  I have been treating him with a whole host of injectable and oral vitamins, a kitten smoothie made of pre and probiotics, whole food and apple cider vinegar,  immune support remedies, natural anti-inflammatories and cbd oil.  December 18th was the first day I saw his tail wag. It was the first day he followed me from room to room.  His appetite is better but not normal.  His temperature has waxed and waned but today it is a high normal.  His murmur has dissipated.  
His once smaller brother, Sammy, is now his bigger brother.  Sammy, who was once the comforted is now his brother, Dean's comforter.  I am hopeful that together, with his spirit, his fur family's love and his care routine, we can beat this and get this little fighter healthy again!  Please if you would say a little purrayer for my Deano, I would greatly appreciate it.  He needs all the positive energy, healing light and purrayers he can get.  
You can follow Dean's progress on my Instagram account, along with many other furbabies in our RPPS family.

UPDATE:  Happy to report Dean is quickly putting weight back on and is certainly trying his darndest to catch up to his brother, Sammy!  Both kittens are super affectionate and super playful!

Odin Paka and Kimba in search of furever homes

Kitties featured in our GoFundMe fundraiser

Odin, a handsome young champagne shorthair, was found on the side of a major Westchester highway late at night emaciated, dehydrated and covered in healing and open wounds.  I nursed him back to health.  He has gained ten pounds since he was first found!  He is doing well.  Odin is looking for his furever home.  I believe he would be most happy in a home as a single cat. He's a very muscular & active cat.  I think he would love exploring with his human...maybe in a kitty packpack and of course, with a harness and leash. He would be a great companion for a single guy.  He seems to be a man's cat.  Please email me in interested in adoption.

Paka and Kimba were living in very poor conditions.  Their caretaker was too ill to care for them.  They were emotionally abandoned, frightened and alone when I learned of their circumstance.  Ruffly Purrfect went in and retrieved these two kitties.  It has taken months of vet care, good food and TLC to nurse these kitties back to health, both physical and emotional.  They are both looking for their forever home.  They are extremely bonded.  They would love a home with a screened in porch where they could safely enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors while cuddling with each other. Please email me if interested in adoption.

Leah is still looking for a furever home


From Leah's human guardian:  "Leah will be 11 this April. We adopted her from North Shore Animal League when she was about 9 weeks old. She’s been with us ever since, an an indoor cat only (she does love hanging out on the gated deck in nice weather 😊). She’s not your typical cat who prefers to be independent and aloof with people, and is rather quite sociable, wanting to be with her people. She’s a snuggle bug who will soak you in endless face kisses if you can stand it!  Leah’s getting older but is still very playful. She loves playing with toys, basking in the sun, and eating!  She’s a healthy cat, spayed, fully vaccinated. We have never had her around other cats. I would think she would not receive another cat well as she has more of a dominant personality. She was in charge of our 212 pound Mastiff- in a good way, though!  She tried to be in charge of our puppy Labrador, but he’s too bouncy and playful to even care. So she keeps her distance from him. So I would say she would be good with other dogs who are more submissive in the pack. And not to mention, how beautiful Leah is. She’s truly stunning; her eyes and fur color are magical. We are hoping to transition her into a home where she can live out rest of her life happily. I was in touch with a married couple for nearly a month, and just before they were supposed to meet her the wife disclosed that she wanted to see if she would react to Leah because she can have allergic reactions to SOME cats. That did not sit well with me at all, and I declined their application. So now we are back to our search for her furever home."  If you are interested in adoption, please email me.

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